by Armando Capó

Cuba, Costa Rica, France 2019, 85'

Amidst the greatest crisis in Cuban history, a boy's life will change forever

Cuba, summer 1994. In the midst of período especial, one of the greatest crises in the country’s history, thousands of Cuban rafters try to reach the United States illegally, never sure if they’ll make it out alive. With holidays starting, Carlos plunges into a carefree August, wandering around with his friends and falling in love for the first time. Little does he know about the country’s uncertain future, until one by one, neighbors and friends leave in search of a better life, friendships break apart and families split up. In this hot summer, the world of Carlos will turn upside down.



Coral de Ópera Prima - Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Havana IFF) 2019
Best Feature Film award - Seattle Latino FF 2020


World Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival 2019
San Sebastian IFF 2019
Mill Valley IFF 2019
Schlingel IFF for Children and Young Audience 2019
Chicago FF 2019
St. Louis IFF 2019
Films from the South, Oslo FF 2019
Festival Pantalla Latina (CH) 2019
Cairo IFF 2019
Tallinn Black Nights FF 2019
Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Havana IFF) 2019
Kerala IFF 2019
Göteborg FF 2020
Festival de Cine Global Dominicano 2020
FICCI Cartagena 2020
Belmont Film World 2020
Cleveland IFF 2020
Guadalajara IFF 2020
Costa Rica IFF 2020
Panama IFF 2020
Burgas IFF 2020
Filmfestival CineLatino-CineEspañol Tübingen 2020
Filmfestival CineLatino-CineEspañol Freiburg 2020
Cinema in Sneakers FF for Children & Youth 2020
Festival de Lima 2020
Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival 2020
Rialto Cinema (Go! Cuba special event) 2020
Athens IFF 2020
AFI Latin American FF, Washington DC 2020
RiverRun IFF 2020
Charlotte FF 2020
Athens IFF 2020
Seattle Latino FF 2020
Festival Cuba in Film 2020
Kino im Künstlerhaus 2020
Kino Achteinhalb in Saarbrücken 2020
Indie Festival (BR) 2020
Filmar en América Latina 2020
Latin American FF São Paulo 2020
100% Human FF (ID) 2020
Latin American Film Festival (PT) 2020
San Francisco Latino FF 2020
Kino Latino Köln 2021
Minnesota Cuban FF 2021
Belmont Film World 2021
Havana FF New York 2021
Belize IFF 2021

Cast & Crew

Damián González Guerrero, Alejandro Guerrero Machado, Glenda Delgado Dominguez, Luis Ernesto Barcenas, Rafael Lahera Suárez, Lola Amores Rodríguez, Verónica Lynn López

Production: La Feria Producciones

Co-Production: D´Safia Producciones, Paraiso Production

Armando Capó

Born 1979 in Gibara. He first graduated from Cuba’s National School of Visual Arts. He later graduated in directing at Instituto Superior de ARTE (ISA) and as documentary Film director at EICTV, San Antonio de los Baños. His works have been selected to participate in important festivals. Has been awarded for his Films in Films Festivals. “La Marea” was selected for the critics as on of the best Cuban Films in 2009. Armando was invited by the MOMA (2013 MoMA’s International Festival of Nonfiction Film and Media) and the Wintherthur Film Festival to do a retrospective on his previous works.