June 2024

June Film Fest, SK: LET ME GO

Euro-Film-Festival - Swiss Embassy, CL: LET ME GO

Sydney IFF, AU: SEX

Arthouse Cinema Niagara, FI: THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS


Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ FF, US: PERFECT ENDINGS

Sinema Transtopia, DE: POWER ALLEY


Cannes IFF 2024

We’re so happy and proud! Ricardo Teodoro received the Rising Star Award at Semaine de la Critique for his incredible work in BABY!

Off Camera IFF 2024

“For breaking social and cultural taboos in a brave way that truly "paves the way" for both the main character and the director herself. The Andrzej Wajda Krakow Film Award Mastercard Off Camera 2024 goes to Lillah Halla for the film POWER ALLEY"
POWER ALLEY by Lillah Halla received the Andrzej Wajda Krakow Film Award, at the Main Dramatic Competition “Making Way” section of OFF CAMERA.

Filmfest DC 2024

LET ME GO by Maxime Rappaz received the Circle Award at the Filmfest DC 2024!
"The film comes across as a wonderful example of cognitive dissonance, artistic interiority, and inner life, all of which adds to the conflicting human circumstances of a mature, female character, and her dilemma of choosing between those she loves and the uncertainty of not knowing what she wants for the rest of her life. Carefully written and directed, meticulously edited, and masterfully acted, the film is unique in its own private dimension, but at the same time is universal. All humans face throughout their lives the difficulty of making choices as part of the process of discovering possibilities for achieving existential balance and finding happiness."


German Films Previews 2024

Maren Kroymann, Magdalena Banasik and Paul Haas will be attending German Films Previews 2024, in Potsdam, from July 3rd-5th.

Locarno FF 2024

Paul Haas will be attending Locarno FF 2024 from August 9th-17th.