by Marcelo Caetano

Brazil, France, The Netherlands, 2024, 107'

São Paulo's streets can offer danger or opportunity, and for Baby, they deliver both

After being released from a juvenile detention center, 18-year-old Wellington (Baby) finds himself alone and adrift on the streets of São Paulo, without any contact from his parents and lacking the resources to rebuild his life. He encounters Ronaldo, a mature man, who teaches him new ways of surviving. Gradually, their relationship turns into a conflicting passion.



“a resolutely upbeat message always comes through”

"While it would be easy to characterise BABY as LGBTQ+ cinema, those concerns are woven elegantly into its wider human story about love, loss, and social mobility"


“the core of the movie is a tender and sentimental compassion”

“Mariano is superb”

“Teodoro, an experienced stage actor, offers a riveting portrait of contradictions”


Prix Fondation Louis Roederer de la Révélation / Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award (Ricardo Teodoro) - Cannes 2024 - Semaine de la Critique


World Premiere: Cannes 2024 - Semaine de la Critique
La Rochelle IFF 2024
New Horizons IFF 2024

Cast & Crew

With: João Pedro Mariano, Ricardo Teodoro, Ana Flavia Cavalcanti, Bruna Linzmeyer, Luiz Bertazzo

Production Companies: Cup Filmes; Desbun Filmes; Plateau Produções (Brasil); Still Moving (France); Circe Films; Kaap Holland (The Netherlands)

Producers: Beto Tibiriçá, Ivan Melo, Marcelo Caetano.
Coproducers France: Juliette Lepoutre, Pierre Menahem.
Coproducers The Netherlands: Stienette Bosklooper, Maarten Swart.

Marcelo Caetano

Marcelo Caetano, born in the State of Minas Gerais but now based in São Paulo, directed the feature film BODY ELECTRIC which premiered in Rotterdam in 2017. He also directed the TV series HIT PARADE and NOTÍCIAS POPULARES both broadcasted on Canal Brasil. He has worked on various productions as an assistant director and casting producer, notably on TATUAGEM, BACURAU, AQUARIUS and NEON BULL. In 2009, Marcelo co-founded Desbun Filmes.

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