by Veit Helmer

Kazakhstan/Germany/Russia 2011, 94 min

Whatever falls from heaven, you may keep

When astronaut Julie Mahé crash-lands with her small space capsule onto the Kazakh steppes, local radio operator Iskander (nicknamed 'Gagarin') finds her unconscious. Hopelessly lovestruck, he convinces the amnesiac Julie that they are engaged to be married. But even the most romantic lie cannot remain undiscovered forever.


Best Fiction Feature - Rockport FF 2013,
Special Mention - Avanca FF 2013,
Best Feature Film Award - Mediawave FF 2013,
Audience Award - Regiofun IFF Katowice 2012,
Audience Award, Best Cinematography - Filmforum Zadar 2012


International Premiere: Busan IFF 2011

Cast & Crew

Alexander Asochakov, Marie De Villepin, Sitora Farmonova

Production: Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion in Coproduction with: Eurasia Film Production, Tandem Production and CTB Film Company

Veit Helmer

Starting to shoot films at age 14, Veit Helmer presented his feature debut TUVALU in 1999. Starring Denis Lavant, the film was invited to 62 festivals, including San Sebastian, London, Chicago, Berlin and Karlovy Vary. Followed by GATE TO HEAVEN (2003; with Miki Manojlovic and Udo Kier) and ABSURDISTAN (2008) that premiered at Sundance, Helmer’s films have participated and received awards at numerous festivals worldwide. As a member of the European Film Academy, he lectures at film schools in Prague, Beirut, Tbilisi, Djakarta and Almaty.