by Mischa Kamp

The Netherlands 2014, 78 min

How does it feel to win a race when you know you lost a love?

During the summer holidays, Sieger, 15, is training with the new athletics team for the national relay championships. When he meets the intriguing and unpredictable Marc, he discovers feelings that go far beyond their ordinary friendship. Sieger engages in a lonely struggle with himself as Marc reciprocates his feelings, and the championship moves closer…


Golden Calf Prize of the Dutch Filmcritics - Nederlands Film Festival 2014
Golden Calf for Best Supporting Actor (Ton Kas) - Nederlands Film Festival 2014
Moviezone Award of the Youth Jury - Nederlands Film Festival 2014
Golden Apple Audience Award for best film - Zlin IFF 2014
Children's Jury Main Prize for best film for youth - Zlin IFF 2014
Milos Macourek Award for best youth performance in a feature film for youth (Gijs Blom) - Zlin IFF 2014
Ecumenical Jury Award for best youth film - Zlin IFF 2014
Lion Jury Award for Best Dutch Family Film - Cinekid 2014
Youth Jury Award for Best Film - LUCAS International Children‘s FF 2014
2nd Prize in Generation+13 Competition - Giffoni IFF 2014
Best Film - Youngabout IFF 2015
Best Film - Outview FF Athens 2015
Best Narrative Feature - Kashish Mumbai International Queer FF 2015
Best Film/TV Programm - Rainbow Awards 2015


World Premiere: Boston LGBT Film Festival 2014

Asian Premiere: Seoul International Youth FF 2014

North American Premiere: Boston LGBT 2014

Latin American Premiere: Mix Brazil Sao Paolo GLFF 2014

Australian Premiere: Brisbane Queer FF 2015

Dzunica Festival 2017

EU Festival 2017
Hanoi International Queer Film Week 2018
European FF Yangon 2018

Cast & Crew

Gijs Blom, Ko Zandvliet, Jonas Smulders, Tom Kas, Stijn Taverne

Production: Pupkin Film

Mischa Kamp

Born in 1970, Mischa Kamp studied Communication before turning to filmmaking. She graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 1996 with the short film MY MUM HAS A GUN TOO, which was screened at several international film festivals.
After directing several shorts, documentaries, series and TV films for Dutch Television she made a wonderful children's movie THE HORSE OF SAINT NICOLAS (2005), about a little Chinese girl trying to adjust to her new life in Holland. Shown everywhere around the world, the film was so successful that Mischa had the opportunity to film a sequel in 2007, WHERE IS WINKY’S HORSE? (2007), which was another delight to kids and their parents and which won a Golden Calf Audience Award at the Netherlands Film Festival.
In the years following, Mischa directed two TV films, DE FUIK (2008) and LELLEBELLE (2009), as well as an episode for the series GODFORSAKEN (2012) and the popular children’s movie TONY 10 (2012).