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m-appeal_Darkness by Day
m-appeal_Darkness by Day

Darkness by Day

(El día trajo la oscuridad)

by Martín Desalvo

Argentina 2013, 76 min

Two women, entangled in madness and attraction – and a craving for blood

An outbreak of rabies has appeared in a small village. Virginia receives an unexpected visit by her cousin Anabel, who is suffering from a strange illness, sleeping during the day and staying awake all night. As day and night intermingle, telephones don’t work, and with the bitter cold, a feeling of anxiety starts to grow on everyone. Virginia, however, begins to feel more and more attracted to Anabel…

Cast & Crew

With: Mora Recalde, Romina Paula, Luciano Suardi, Pablo Caramelo, Marta Lubos

Production: Doménica Films


World Premiere: BAFICI 2013

International Premiere: Habana IFF 2013

European Premiere: IFFR 2014


Best Director in Horror Features - Austin Fantastic FF 2014
Big Macabro for the Best International Horror Movie - Macabro FF 2014
Best Director Award - Fantaspoa 2014
Best Cinematography (Nicolás Trovato) - Rojjo Sangre Buenos Aires FF 2014
Best Work in progress - Mar del Plata IFF 2012

Martín Desalvo

Martín Desalvo was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. In 2002 he received the INCAA's Opera Prima Award for KEPT AND DREAMLESS, starring Vera Fogwill, Mirta Busnelli, Edda Diaz, Mía Maestro and
Gastón Pauls. The lm was shot in 2003 in co-production with Avalon and Art Cam International (France) and received the Hubert Bals Fund for post-production. It premiered at the 34th Rotterdam IFF and won several international awards.
After directing several TV projects, in 2009, Desalvo made a special feature for the Huésped Foundation against AIDS. His project DARKNESS BY DAY won INCAA’s Award for First and Second Films and the Award for the Best Work In Progress in Mar del Plata. It was presented internationally at the Havana Film Festival in December 2013 and will celebrate its European Premiere at the Rotterdam IFF 2014.
At the moment, Desalvo is giving directing classes at the lm school in La Plata. He is working on a mini series produced by Aji Molido and Baraka Cine and the feature lm project THE SILENCE OF THE HUNTER, produced by Doménica Films, that will be shot in Misiones in 2014.