by Luís Galvão Teles

Portugal 2007, 103 min

Teles Aguas Altas, a small village in Portugal, is happy to enter the 21st century by acquiring a website. However, a multinational company in Madrid has trademarked the name for its new campaign to sell sparkling water.
Should the picturesque town shut down its site, should it fight the company that has patented the name, should it pay the 500,000 euros the company demands if the village keeps the site? And what about the Portuguese national elections, the international uproar and the love of Pedro, the engineer, and Concha, the high-level merchandise? This however is quickly turned in to a media circus, thus the residents of this small village who are not even sure of what internet is, are forced to defend their website and their village’s honor. While the local priest goes so far as to claim that if Jesus were alive, he’d have his own internet site.


Honorable Mention - Eco Film Festival Seia 2008, Best Movie, Best Director (Luis Galvão Teles), Audience Award - Kimera Film Festival 2009

Cast & Crew

Production: Fado Filmes in co-production with Ipso Facto, Alta Producción, Zanzibar Films, VideoFilmes

Luís Galvão Teles

A 1970 graduate of Paris' Institut de Formation Cinematographique, Portuguese filmmaker Luís Galvão Teles spent his early career involved with militant cinema after the fall of the dictatorship.
He then went on to direct features.
In 1998, Teles’ bittersweet drama ELLES (aka WOMEN) won the Lifetime Vision Award at the Hamptons Festival, as well as the Audience Award at the Palm Springs and Cinequest - San Jose Festivals. His two most recent films, FADO BLUES (2004) and DOT.COM (2007) are comedies that explore and exalt human nature.
In 1997, Galvão Teles founded Fado Filmes which has produced over 15 international co-productions, the most recent of which is Carlos Saura’s widely-acclaimed FADOS