by Hella Joof

Denmark 2018, 100 min.

A romantic comedy about the beauty of ageing

Helle has been waiting forever for her workaholic husband Peter to retire, so they can enjoy the autumn of their life together. She really wants to travel and explore the world with him - but when Peter comes home from his last day at work, life takes a surprisingly new turn, as he has a big surprise for her; he is pursuing a new career as a wine importer and has invested all their savings in an exclusive vineyard in Austria! Helle and Peter split up and they each set out on a blazing journey of discovery, filled with new opportunities, problems and dreams...

Cast & Crew

With: Birthe Neumann, Kurt Ravn, Charlotte Sieling, Marianne Høgsbro, Tammi Øst

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Moscow IFF 2019
Kiev IFF Molodist 2019
Chichester IFF 2019
Bari International Gender FF 2019
MOSTRA São Paulo IFF 2019
Valladolid IFF 2019
Oldenburg IFF 2019
Fort Lauderdale IFF 2019
Scottsdale IFF 2019
St. Louis IFF 2019
Seoul Pride FF 2019
Saint Augustine FF 2020
Festival du Film Gay & Lesbien du Belgique (Tels Quels) 2020
Nordic Lights FF 2020
IFF Assen 2020
Roze Filmdagen 2020
CinHomo Festival 2020
Andalesgai 2020
Orlando FF 2020
Andalesgai 2020
CinHomo Festival 2021

Hella Joof

Hella Joof (director) has enjoyed success as an actor, screenwriter and director in several prominent Danish films. Previously, she was director of Splitting Up Together (2016), All Inclusive (2014) and Almost Perfect (2012), co-author and director of Hush Little Baby (2009), she wrote and directed Shake Your Heart (2001), Oh Happy Day (2004), Fidibus (2006), Bitter Sweetheart (2007) and TV series Album (2008).
She gained great popularity in several roles in TV series Buller Fnis, Far, Mor & Blyp and Lex & Klatten in the 1990s, and she played among others in Hannibal and Jerry (1997), Humørkort-stativ-sælgerens
søn (2002), Someone like Hodder (2003) as well as the more recent TV series Normalerweize (2004-2008) and Anstalten (2011).
Hella is also one third of the popular Det Brune Punktum as well as co- host of the popular radio program Mads & Monopolet, where the answer to everything can be found and finally she is co-hosting the classical music program Åbent Hus on P2 with Nikolaj Koppel.
In addition, she has also written two children’s books, a poetry collection and a Catechismus. In 2016, she released the bestseller Papmachereglen and Båven om Gud.
Happy Ending is Hella Joof’s 8th feature film.