by Andrés Clariond Rangel

Mexico 2014, 88 min

I‘ve never had a Hilda

Susana Le Marchand, 63, a lonely housewife ignored by her wealthy husband and alienated by their social milieu, hires a new maid, Hilda. Hilda’s presence at the house suddenly triggers an identity crisis in Mrs. Le Marchand and makes her reevaluate her life. She begins remembering her revolutionary past and questions her luxurious but empty present. In the meantime, her dependency on Hilda grows slowly and becomes an obsession. An obsession that, in the end, will come at a high price.



Best Actress (Verónica Langer) - Morelia IFF 2014
Special Mention for Best Director - Sofia IFF 2015


World Premiere: Morelia IFF 2014
International Premiere: Sofia IFF 2015
North American Premiere: Maine IFF 2015
UK Premiere: Viva! FF 2015
Israeli Premiere: Haifa IFF 2015
Canadian Premiere: Vancouver IFF 2015
African Premiere: Cairo IFF 2015
Mexican FF Singapore 2018
Días de Cine FF 2018
Mexican FF Delhi 2018

Cast & Crew

Verónica Langer, Adriana Paz, Fernando Becerril, David Gaitán, Eduardo Mendizábal, Anna Cetti

Production: Pimienta Films

Andrés Clariond Rangel

Andres Clariond Rangel: Director, Writer
From 2005-2009 he attended graduate school to obtain his master’s degree in Film at Columbia University in New York City.
He is the Founder of Imagyx film production company and founding partner of Cinematográfica CR. He is a well known director of commercials and music videos, has written and directed several short films shown at festivals in the United States, Europe and South America.
Currently he is post-producing "Hilda", his first feature film as director and co-produced along with Pimienta Films.

2012 Hilda / Feature Fiction / HD
2010 Peoria / Short Fiction / HD