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Home Care

(Domácí Péče)

by Slávek Horák

Czech Republic/Slovakia 2015, 92 min.

A woman‘s journey through middle-age, emotional crisis, and self discovery

Home care nurse Vlasta has dedicated her life to her husband, her daughter, and her patients. She believes in medicine and the trained expertise of doctors. But when it comes time for her to be checked, the results will lead her to question her values and search outside of her comfort zone for a solution. In the meantime, she must learn that, she too needs to be taken care of.



Crystal Globe Award for Best Actress (Alena Mihulová) - Karlovy Vary IFF 2015
Recommendation by the Jury of Cinema Owners - Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF 2015
Young Jury Award - Valladolid IFF 2015
Jury‘s Special Mention - Arras IFF 2015
FIPRESCI Award for Best Actress of the Year in a Foreign Language Film (Alena Mihulová), Best of Fest Selection - Palm Springs IFF 2016
Czech Lion for Best Actress (Alena Mihulová) - Czech Lion 2016
Second Prize - Bergamo Film Meeting IFF 2016
World Cinema Best Picture - Phoenix FF 2016
Best Actress (Alena Mihulová) - Neiße FF 2016
Best Film, Special Jury Mention (Alena Mihulová) - Sherbrooke World FF 2017
'Lycéen' Jury Prize - Slovak and Central European Films Encounters 2017


World Premiere: Karlovy Vary IFF 2015
International Premiere: Busan IFF 2015
North American Premiere: Vancouver IFF 2015
Israeli Premiere: Haifa IFF 2015
CinEast FF 2015
German Premiere: Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF 2015
Spanish Premiere: Valladolid IFF 2015
French Premiere: Arras IFF 2016
UK Premiere: Leeds IFF 2015
Slovenian Premiere: Ljubljana IFF 2015
African Premiere: Cairo IFF 2015
Baltic Premiere: Black Nights FF 2015
Croatian Premiere: Zagreb FF 2015
Greek Premiere: Athens Panorama of European Cinema 2015
Slovak Premiere: Bratislava IFF 2015
Dubai IFF 2015
US Premiere: Palm Springs IFF 2016
Swiss Premiere: Solothurn FF 2016
Santa Barbara IFF 2016
Portland IFF 2016
Scottish Premiere: Glasgow FF 2016
Belgian Premiere: Mons International Love FF 2016
Latin American Premiere: Guadalajara IFF 2016
A l‘Est du Nouveau FF 2016
Gene Siskel Film Center: European Union FF 2016
Italian Premiere: Bergamo Film Meeting IFF 2016
Cleveland IFF 2016
Hungarian Premiere: Titanic FF 2016
Minneapolis St. Paul IFF 2016
Phoenix FF 2016
goEast FF 2016
San Francisco IFF 2016
Panorama Europe FF New York 2016
Neiße FF 2016
Cranleigh Arts Centre 2016
Seattle IFF 2016
Czech-In FF Paris 2016
Romanian Premiere: Transilvania IFF 2016
Illuminate FF 2016
Cinetopia IFF 2016
Chinese Premiere: Shanghai IFF 2016
Polish Premiere: Lagow IFF 2016
Taiwan Premiere: Taipei FF 2016
Maine IFF 2016
Fünf Seen FF 2016
Chichester IFF 2016
Brazil Premiere: Gramado FF 2016
Slovak Film Days, Budapest 2016
Finnish Premiere: Helsinki IFF 2016
MIFF-by-the-Sea 2016
Milwaukee FF 2016
Czech FF New Zealand 2016
Heartland FF 2016
Arlington IFF 2016
St. Louis IFF 2016
Toronto European FF 2016
Women‘s Worlds FF 2016
Pune IFF 2017
Yashwant IFF 2017
Carnegie Mellon University IFF 2017
Sherbrooke World FF 2017
Culture and Film Club New York 2017
Slovak & Central European Films Encounter 2017
European Union FF 2018

Cast & Crew

Alena Mihulová, Boleslav Polívka, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Zuzana Krónerová, Sara Venclovská

Production: Tvorba Films

Slávek Horák

Slávek Horák was born in 1975, in Zlin, Czech Republic.

He is a graduate of Zlin Film School and studied directing at Prague Film School FAMU. His rapid success as a director of international commercial campaigns prevented completing his FAMU studies, but the work earned him several awards at festivals worldwide.

He shot two short films for the international project Straight 8, selected in top six and shown at Cannes Film Festival. He also worked as an assistant director with Jan Sverak on his Academy Award winning film “Kolja”(1996).

In 2012 he started a production company Tvorba films, with “HOME CARE” being his feature debut.