m-appeal_Karen Cries on the Bus
m-appeal_Karen Cries on the Bus
m-appeal_Karen Cries on the Bus

Karen Cries on the Bus

(Karen llora en un bus)

by Gabriel Rojas Vera

Colombia 2011, 98 min, 35 mm

The most courageous act is to make your own destiny

After ten years of living in a golden cage and devoting herself completely to her husband, Karen realizes what she has left behind. Sick of it all, she decides to run off. With her savings she rents a room in the center of Bogotá and tries to get a job, but her age and inexperience make it impossible. Soon she has to decide between returning to a stable life and giving up her new gained freedom or, for the first time, facing cruel life on her own.


Best First Feature Film - Huelva LAFF 2011


San Sebastián Cine en Construcción 2010
World Premiere: Berlin IFF - Forum 2011
Asian Premiere: Pusan IFF 2011
Cartagena IFF 2011
Lato Filmów 2011
Jerusalem FF 2011
Rio de Janeiro IFF 2011
Göteborg IFF 2012
Villeurbanne Festival Reflets du cinéma ibérique et latino-américain 2012
Festival de Biarritz d'Amérique Latine 2012

Cast & Crew

With: Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio, María Angélica Sánchez, Juan Manuel Díaz

Production: Caja Negra Producciones

Gabriel Rojas Vera

Gabriel Rojas Vera, born in 1977, studied Film and Television at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has written and directed several short films, which include Look See (Colombia 2003, 3 minutes), The shoe (Colombia 2002, 2 minutes), One, two, three, statue! (Colombia 2003, 30 minutes) and non-commercial film Cristina (Colombia 2004, 75 minutes). He has worked as scriptwriter on the CSPC in Guadalajara, Mexico and currently is the director of Cíclope Films. Karen cries in a Bus, which participated at the Works in Progress at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2010 and was premiered at Berlinale Forum 2011, is his feature debut.