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No End

(Senza Fine)

by Roberto Cuzzillo

Italy 2008, 75 min, HD

Giulia and Chiara, a young lesbian couple, decide to have a child. But their path to motherhood is not as clear as they might hope. After Chiara discovers a strange lump in her breast, she fears the worst, and decides to keep the truth from her lover. Because artificial insemination in Italy is restricted to married straight couples, Chiara must travel to Holland to be inseminated, and she can’t risk losing their only chance to become mothers. Will she be able to handle the physical and emotional burdens of both her secret and her pregnancy?


Best Actress (Irene Ivaldi) - Festival del Sol Gran Canarias 2010,
Special Mention - NewFest New York 2008
Best Screenplay - Gallio FF 2008
Best Actress (Irene Ivaldi) - Gallio FF 2008
Best Actress (Irene Ivaldi) - Chieti FF 2008
Best Actress (Cristina Serafini) - Chieti FF 2008
Best Actress (Irene ivaldi) - 13 Madrid Glbt FF 2008


World Premiere: NewFest New York 2008
Lisbon Gay and Lesbian FF 2008
Paris Gay and Lesbian FF 2009

Production: Enzimistudio - SAP11

Roberto Cuzzillo

Roberto Cuzzillo was born in Turin, Italy, in 1983.
Early in his life he begins to shoot several short movies. As student he attends the Art Department at the University of Turin. Since 2005 he is president of the production company Enzimistudio, All his works have been screened in international film festival. His last short movie, Lygofobia, was in out competition at the 2007 Venice Film Festival.