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Rosa's World

(Rosas Welt: 70 Filme)

by Rosa von Praunheim

Germany 2012, 70 films from 3 to 43 minutes

Rosa von Praunheim is an icon of the worldwide LGBT scene: a pioneer, a gay activist, a provocateur – and a unique storyteller. From the 70’s onwards, he has been touching taboos and society’s raw points with his titles. Now he has accomplished one of his most ambitious projects, ROSA’S WORLD: On his 70th birthday in November 2012, he is presenting 70 new films. In short and middle length films, mostly documentaries, but also feature films, Rosa portraits peculiar protagonists in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Rumania, Russia, Switzerland and the USA. From gipsy queens and porn stars to social activists and survivors of the Holocaust – driven by his own curiosity, Rosa gives an insight into a whole lot of different worlds, as versatile as Rosa is himself.


World Premiere: Hof IFF 2012

International Premiere: Viennale IFF 2012 (A Hard Life, My Neighbours, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I Am A Poem)
Rotterdam IFF 2013 (Axel and Peter)

Rosa von Praunheim Filmproduktion in coproduction with RBB and in collaboration with arte, supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and NRW