m-appeal_Son of Trauco
m-appeal_Son of Trauco
m-appeal_Son of Trauco

Son of Trauco

(Hijo de Trauco)

by Alan Fischer

Chile 2013, 97 min

He grew out of his father’s myths and found the magic in his own story

Jaime is a 14-year-old skeptical young man who dreams of leaving Punta Chucao to become a poet. One day, he discovers that everything he knows about his father is a lie. Together with Violeta, he embarks on a journey through the archipelago to find out the truth, and it is there that the line between myth and reality starts to blur.


Best Work in Progress - Festival Viña del Mar in Chile 2012


Work in progress: Ventana Sur 2012

International Premiere: Habana IFF 2013

Cast & Crew

Xabier Usabiaga, María Izquierdo, Alejandro Trejo, Luis Dubó, Carolina Cartagena, Daniela Ramírez

Production: Ant Fire Productions

Alan Fischer

Alan Fischer has written and directed short films and documentaries about the most varied themes. This is his first feature film. He studied at NYU Tisch, and holds a masters degree in film production from USC School of Cinematic Arts (University of Southern California).