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m-appeal_The Clay Diaries
m-appeal_The Clay Diaries

The Clay Diaries

(El Cuaderno de Barro)

by Isaki Lacuesta

Spain/Switzerland 2011, 60 min, HD

Painting between termites and scorpions - an insight into Miquel Barceló‘s African „atelier“

Since more than twenty years, the artist Miquel Barceló lives over long periods in Africa. This is where he learned to paint between vermins, before the heat and the wind sign his work. In the very high scarps of Bandiagara, Barceló presents the performance THE DOUBLE STEPS together with the choreograph Josef Nadj.


Best Documentary - FIPA Biarritz 2012,
Nomination for the Goya Awards for the Best Documentary 2012


World Premiere: San Sebastián IFF 2011

Cast & Crew

Miquel Barceló, Josef Nadj, Alain Mahe, Amon Pegnere Dolo

Production: Tusitala P. C. in Coproduction with: Bord Cadre Films, Televisión Española

Isaki Lacuesta

Described as one of "the most promising young spanish filmmakers", Isaki Lacuesta has released the films CRAVAN VS CRAVAN (2002), LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO (2006), LOS CONDENADOS (2009) and LA NOCHE QUE NO ACABA (2010), as well as numerous short films, art installations and exhibitions. LOS CONDENADOS received the FIPRESCI Award in 2009 in the Official Section of the San Sebastian IFF. LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO, his second movie, was launched at Rotterdam IFF and has been awarded in several international festivals. Out of his work with Miquel Barceló on the feature film THE DOUBLE STEPS, the documentary THE CLAY DIARIES that also premiered at the San Sebastián IFF 2011 was born.