m-appeal_The Last Summer of the Boyita
m-appeal_The Last Summer of the Boyita
m-appeal_The Last Summer of the Boyita
m-appeal_The Last Summer of the Boyita
m-appeal_The Last Summer of the Boyita

The Last Summer of the Boyita

(El último verano de la Boyita)

by Julia Solomonoff

Argentina/Spain/France 2009, 92 min

La Boyita is a caravan and a magical hiding place, a refuge for Jorgelina, a curious girl on the passage from childhood to adolescence. Going on holiday to the countryside with her father, she meets Mario, who has already started working on his family’s ranch. One day, returning from a horse ride, she discovers a bloodstain on Mario’s saddle and another one on his trousers. Jorgelina tries to understand, but Mario, ashamed and insecure, has no clue of why he is not like the other boys. This revelation, instead of separating them, brings the two friends even closer together...


Best Feature Film - China International Children‘s Film Festival 2011,
Women in Film & Television Award (Best Female Director) - Nashville IFF 2011,
Quality Jury Prize - Vittorio Veneto IFF 2011,
Best Young Actor (Nicolás Treise) - Olympia IFF 2010,
Best Director - Kerala IFF 2010,
Best Actress (Guadalupe Alonso) - Ro-IFF 2010,
Best Emerging Director - New England Ibero American FF 2010
Best Film, Best Actress (Guadalupe Alonso, Nicolás Treise and Mirella Pascual) - Queer Lisboa FF 2010,
Best Film, Best Editing (Rosario Suarez/ Andrés Tambornino), Best Sound (Lena Esquenazi/Adriano Salgado) - Cine Ceará FF 2010,
Best Sound (Lena Esquenazi/Adriano Salgado), Best Editing (Rosario Suarez/ Andrés Tambornino) and the Best Film - Fortaleza LAFF 2010,
Biznaga de Plata (Best Director) - Málaga IFF 2010,
Audience Award - Toulouse Latin-American FF 2010,
Special Jury Award - Sofia IFF 2010,
Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriting Award - Miami IFF 2010,
Best Supporting Actress (Mirella Pascual), Best Photography (Lucio Bonelli), Special Jury Price - Cartagena IFF 2010,
Special Mention (Premio Signis), Premio Caminos - La Habana IFF 2009


Worldpremiere: BAFICI 2009
European Premiere: San Sebastián IFF 2009

Cast & Crew

Guadalupe Alonso, Nicolás Treise, Mirella Pascual, Gabo Correa, Guillermo Pfenning

Production: Travesía Producciones, Julia Solomonoff, Domenica Films in Co-production with El Deseo, Epicentre Films

Julia Solomonoff

Julia Solomonoff is an Argentine director and producer who holds an MFA in Film from Columbia University, New York, where she currently teaches Film Directing. She is a Fulbright and PEO Scholar.
She wrote, directed and co-produced “The Last Summer of la Boyita” (El último verano de la Boyita, 2009) co-produced by Almodovar's El Deseo (Spain) and Epicentre Films (France), winner of over twenty international awards.
Her directorial debut, “Sisters" (Hermanas, 2005) opened at the Toronto Film Festival and was developed at the Sundance Writers’ Lab. She wrote the script and was Associate Producer.
Solomonoff also produced Alejandro Landes’ documentary “Cocalero” following Evo Morales during Bolivia’s historic Presidential election which premiered at Sundance 2007 and Julia Murat’s debut film “Historias que existem quando lembradas” (Brazil, Argentina, France, 2011).
She is Associate Producer of “Everybody’s Got a Plan” by Ana Piterbarg, staring Viggo Mortensen.
Her television work as a director includes: “Parana, chronicles of a River” a series of 13 documentaries following a scientific and cultural expedition on a boat from Buenos Aires to Asunción. Previously, she has directed the mockumentary “Chin Chon Fan” and a fiction piece for PBS, “The Suitor” based on a story by Julia Alvarez. During 2009 she was Creative Consultant for Canal Encuentro, the National Educational TV station of Argentina.
She was the 1st AD on Walter Salles’ “Motorcycle Diaries” and has collaborated with such well-regarded directors as Isabel Coixet, Fabian Bielinsky, Dan Algrant, Carlos Sorín, Luis Puenzo and Martin Rejtman.
In 2002 Carlos Sorin casted Solomonoff in a supporting role in "Intimate Stories" (Historias Mínimas) for which she was nominated “New Actress of the Year”.