m-appeal_The Project of the Century
m-appeal_The Project of the Century
m-appeal_The Project of the Century
m-appeal_The Project of the Century

The Project of the Century

(La Obra del Siglo)

by Carlos Machado Quintela

Cuba/Argentina/Germany/Switzerland 2015, 100 min.

Three generations of men struggle to co-exist under the same roof, in a city once destined for greatness

​Amidst a mosquito plague, Leonardo, struggling with the breakdown of his relationship, moves back to live with a grandfather who fights with everyone and everything, and a father living with the melancholy of the unfinished. In a city once promised to become the hub of the Soviet nuclear project in the Caribbean, the scant remains of this world weigh down on these three solitary men, who, unlike their pet fish Benjamin, have yet to learn how to breathe under water.



HIVOS Tiger Award, Lions Film Award - IFFR 2015
FIPRESCI Award - Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse FF 2015
Best Eco Film - Esperanza FF 2015
Best Editing (for Yan Vega) & Best Music (for Vicente Rojas) - Cine Ceará FF 2015
Special Jury Award for Artistic Daring in Comprehension of Modern Era & the Listapad Silver Award in ,Film as an Art Phenomenon‘ Category - Minsk IFF 2015
Special Jury Prize & International Critics‘ Award (ex aequo) - Lima FF 2015
Special Mention - New Horizons IFF 2015
Jury Mention - Havana IFF 2015
Best Feature Film - International Architecture & Film Festival 2016


World Premiere: IFF Rotterdam 2015 - Hivos Tiger Competition
North American Premiere: Miami IFF 2015
Latin American Premiere: BAFICI 2015
German Premiere: Munich IFF 2015
French Premiere: Cinélatino - Rencontres de Toulouse 2015
Russian Premiere: Esperanza IFF 2015
Australian Premiere: Sydney FF 2015
Italian Premiere: Taormina FF 2015
Valletta FF 2015
Brazil Premiere: Cine Ceará 2015
African Premiere: Durban IFF 2015
Mexican Premiere: Guanajuato IFF 2015
Lima FF 2015
Polish Premiere: New Horizons IFF 2015
Yerevan IFF 2015
Israeli Premiere: Jerusalem IFF 2015
Balkan Premiere: Sarajevo FF 2015
World Cinema Amsterdam 2015
MCI Festival Sao Paulo 2015
Vladivostok IFF 2015
Trinidad + Tobago IFF 2015
Spanish Premiere: San Sebastián IFF 2015
AFI Latin American FF 2015
Conflict Kitchen FF
Rio de Janeiro IFF 2015
Canadian Premiere: Vancouver IFF 2015
Asian Premiere: Busan IFF 2015
Montreal New Cinema IFF 2015
Festival of Cinema Days - Palestine 2015
Kino Latino Köln 2015
Austrian Premiere: Viennale 2015
Platform Session Film Series 2015
Colombian Premiere: Cali IFF 2015
Irish Premiere: Cork FF 2015
Clique FF 2015
Minsk IFF 2015
Brasilia IFF 2015
CineBaix Latin American FF 2015
Slovenian Premiere: Ljubljana IFF 2015
exground FF 2015
Un État du Monde... et du Cinéma 2015
Filmar Latin American FF 2015
Dominican Republic Global FF 2015
Greek Premiere: Thessaloniki IFF 2015
Indian Premiere: IFFI Goa 2015
Serbian Premiere: Belgrade Auteur FF 2015
Havana IFF 2015
Costa Rica IFF 2015
Kerala IFF 2015
First Look Festival 2016
Swedish Premiere: Göteborg IFF 2016
Portland IFF 2016
San Diego Latino IFF 2016
OJOLOCO Latin American FF Grenoble 2016
New Cuban Cinema FF 2016
Emilio Indio Fernández: Cine sin Fronteras FF 2016
Cine las Americas IFF 2016
International Festival of Film & Urbanism „86“ 2016
Desierto IFF 2016
Innsbruck IFF 2016
Festival Cuba im Film 2016
International Architecture & Film Festival 2016
Quito IFF 2016
Aye Aye Nancy-Lorraine IFF 2016
San Juan IFF 2016
PANORAMICA Latin American FF 2016
Preámbulo 2016
Fronteira FF 2016
Rupturas 2017
CineLatino Festival 2017
Cuban Films Showcase Rio de Janeiro 2017
Global FF Buffalo 2017
Mostra de Cinema Ibero-Americano 2017
Casa das Artes de Famalicão 2018
Cinélatino - Rencontres de Toulouse 2019
Museum of the Moving Image (US) 2019
DK Zattere 19|20 2019
Círculo de Bellas Artes (ES) 2023
Kino Black Box 2024

Cast & Crew

Mario Balmaseda, Mario Guerra, Leonardo Gascón

Production: Rizoma, Uranio Films, Raspberry & Cream, Ventura Films

Carlos Machado Quintela