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Without Name

by Lorcan Finnegan

Ireland 2016, 93 min.

You‘re not alone in the woods

Land surveyor Eric, alienated from urban existence and those who love him, travels to a remote and unnamed Irish woodland to assess its sustainability for a dubious development project. Intangible elements are at play in this ethereal environment. The place seems to be imbued by an intelligence of sorts. A silhouette flits between trees. The place fascinates the fragmenting Eric as much as it disturbs him. There is something in the wood that calls to him, and should he reply, risks becoming a prisoner of a place Without Name.



Best Feature, Best Director (Lorcan Finnegan), Best Cinematography (Piers McGrail), Best Editing (Tony Cranstoun) - Brooklyn Horror FF 2016


World Premiere: Toronto IFF 2016
European Premiere: BFI London FF 2016
Spanish Premiere: Sitges IFFF 2016
US Premiere: Brooklyn Horror FF 2016
Portland IFF 2017
Boston SciFi 2017
Dublin IFF 2017
Glasgow FF 2017
Miami FF 2017
Capital City FF 2017
Imagine FF 2017
Dead By Dawn FF 2017
Nashville IFF 2017
Crossing Europe FF 2017
Slash 1/2 FF 2017
Seattle IFF 2017
Fantaspoa 2017
Fantastic Zagreb 2017
Sopot FF 2017
Milwaukee FF 2017
Panorama of European Cinema 2017
Shebeen Flick Irish FF Berlin 2018
Braunschweig IFF 2018

Cast & Crew

Alan McKenna, Niamh Algar, James Browne

Production: Lovely Productions

Lorcan Finnegan

After completing a BA in graphic design in Dublin, Lorcan moved to London to work for Charlie Brooker’s (Black Mirror, Nathan Barley) company Zeppotron as a motion designer, editor and later as a director. In 2004 Lorcan returned to Dublin to set up Lovely Productions. Since then Lorcan has written and directed several award winning short lms, TV commercials and music videos. WITHOUT NAME is his rst feature lm. He is currently collaborating with writer Garret Shanley (Foxes/Without Name) on the sci- feature ‘VIVARIUM’, dystopian ‘GOLIATH’, supernatural thriller ‘NOCEBO’ and time bending ‘PRECIPICE’.